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18" x 24"  AR500 Plate (3/8 inch) (PLATE ONLY)

  • Rated for handgun or rifle calibers
  • AR500 steel plate matches official steel challenge size
  • Plate has no welds so it is reversible



Certified AR500 Steel – Made In the USA

Our targets are made with certified USA made AR500 Steel.  


CNC Laser Cut

CNC laser cutting generates less heat and keeps the target edges strong. With laser cutting you get clean, smooth edges.



Target has no welds so it is reversible which when flipped will extend the use of your target.



Targets come painted and ready to use.


Square Carriage Bolt Holes

Laser cutting our targets with square holes allows you mount your target with  1/2″ carriage bolt. With a carriage bolt the target can be mounted with one wrench and the bolt head reduces the chances of ricochet. If grade 8 bolts are used it will extend the life of the target mounting.


Made by Shooters for Shooters

All of our staff are active shooters and most compete nationally in different disciplines. Due to this our targets and target systems are made with the shooter and match director in mind. Our solutions are built to last, are simple to setup and are fun to shoot.


Direct from manufacturer

Since we are the manufacturer of all of our products, if you like what you see but would like to have a different size than listed on our site, or something customized specifically for you please feel free to reach out to us. We love interacting with our customers and designing custom solutions.

Steel Challenge 18" x 24" Plate 3/8"

  • Gunfighter Targets backs our products 100% if there is a issue of any kind reach out to us and we do our best to fix it as soon as possible.

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